The Patriot Games Origin


Condition One CrossFit is the home of many Military/First Responders and we wanted to pay tribute to the men and women that protect us at home and abroad.  Condition One CrossFit is happy to announce the 1st annual Patriot Games!  This competition will pay homage to the training and sacrifices that these men and women go through day in and day out. We are hoping to give you a glimpse into the standards that they are held to every day.

I am a United States Marine that ended my tour of duty in 2005.  I spent the next 8 years wandering around from Globo Gym to home “workouts” trying to lose weight and gain strength. I never could match the training and physical fitness I achieved while in the Marines.  I had many meetings with Kyle Counts at this point about various other projects that included his current job, and he kept telling me about this “CrossFit” thing he was doing in St. Louis and now starting to do in his garage.  He had me intrigued but I was still skeptical.  I had tried everything and nothing was working, so I was trying to keep an open mind.

Deciding to “drink the Kool-Aid”, I show up to his garage after his 9 a.m. class to see what all the hype was about.  I saw a few people that I knew walking out and they all looked happy and tired all at the same time.  I jumped right in, Kyle put me thru a warm-up and then said, “You ready to hit this WOD?”, of course I looked at him with a blank look on my face due to the fact I had no clue what he just said to me.  Once he explained, I was off and running… First WOD ever! AMRAP of 7 burpees and 7 Box Jumps in 7 minutes… pfft… NO PROBLEM!!!!  7 minutes later I. WAS. DEAD. Laying on the ground wondering what just happened to me and starting to realize that I may have finally found the “workout” that was for me.

Once I peeled myself off the garage floor, I stood up and said, “When is the next class”? Like many of you, I was hooked.  I realized right then and there that I had not only found a workout that was for me, but a community of people that were all working towards the same goal of “FITNESS”!

Needless to say, being a part of Condition One CrossFit has changed my life. Everyone has their own story and start, but the common theme in all of this is that we are all doing it together and making sure each other succeed.

We are very excited about the first annual Patriot Games! All the proceeds will be donated to the EOD Warrior Foundation, in support of CWO2 Rick Richardson Jr. who gave his life serving in Delaram, Afghanistan on June 10, 2009.  Rick is survived by Jennifer and Cole Richardson who are both active members at Condition One CrossFit.


Thank you all for the support and I hope to see you at the Patriot Games.


United States Marine

Coach Caleb Pohlman CF-L2